ETICS / Fire Protection / Retrofit insulation for existing ETIC building facades with Klimasan-F

Recent reports in the media suggests that polystyrene (EPS) is the cause of problems with external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) and fire safety. The flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD), which is added at a high cost, however offers no sufficient fire safety. ETICS made from EPS are not only expensive and lacking in fire safety measured, but also are unattractive and difficult to build with. Furthermore, algae grow on the ETICS due to condensation and non-mineral components. Also, constructional damage can occur due to insufficient planning and unsatisfactory execution – for example, the adhesion of the ETICS to the wall can fail prematurely.

In order to correct these problems in an economical way, Klimasan-Perlit – a company from Würzburg – has developed a technology which makes it possible to retain existing ETICS and to reinforce these to make them more structurally sound and protect against fires. The following system was successfully tested by the ‚Institute for fire protection and safety research (IBS) in Linz, Austria ( A distanet was screwed onto the existing ETICS. The distanet is a plaster base for thermal insulation plaster and reinforces the ETICS, the screws holding it more securely to the wall. Then the Klimasan thermal insulation plaster is applied to the base at a 20mm thickness. Finally the appropriate render must be applied to the system.

The system offers, alongside the required fire protection measures, the aforementioned benefits of maintaining the existing ETICS. Alongside an upgrade in energy efficiency thanks to the Klimasan thermal insulation plaster, the ETICS is also kept dry due to the perlite in the plaster. This has a capillary active structure which is able to take in water and release it again out of the wall. A basic requirement of an effective insulation! The use of chalk as a binding agent protects against the growth of algae and mould. The pure mineral combination, with perlite as a lightweight aggregate makes this system with Klimasan-Perlit thermal insulation plaster a natural and effective choice for renovation and fire protection!