Klimasan-Mox is a purely mineral anti-mould perlite filler. Klimasan-Mox is alkaline and stops condensation from building up on interior surfaces. Application: Use Klimasan-Mox to restore under living conditions long lasting condensation and mould damage in the interior. Klimasan-Mox is free from fungicides, biocides and free from organic (degradeable) binding agents. Klimasan-Mox is an alkaline, antibacterial, pure mineral perlite filler. Base layer: Klimasan-Mox is compatible with mineral base layers, gypsum plaster board (primed), gypsum fibreboard and emulsion paints. Unlevel bases must be suitably prepared. Existing mould should be removed prior for example with Klimasan-Fux. Klimasan-Mox Ingredients: Chalk, Rock flour, Perlite, Silicates Klimasan Mox Material values: pH-Value: >12, bound > 10 Bulk density: 0,5 kg/l Sorption behaviour: ∆m => 20g with 2mm layer thickness. Technical data Klimasan-Mox is delivered in 15 litre barrels. This amount is enough for a layer of 1mm for a surface of around 10msq, depending on the condition of the surface. Klimasan-Mox can have pigments added to it.