Klimasan–F, fire safety plaster that’s worth it

The purely mineral and thermal insulating fire safety plaster confirm to the highest worldwide demands for the passive fire protection from steel and reinforced concrete constructions.


(PB 3.2/13-015-1)

Klimasan-F stands out from other fire safety plasters in the quality and application and carries conviction in many aspects:

  • Klimasan F is free from gypsum
  • No synthetic additives
  • Is not flammable (German Fire Safety Class A1)
  • Withstands heat up to 1200 °C
  • 5mm Klimasan-F is equivalent to 10mm normal concrete, therefore Klimasan-F can be used with reinforced concrete building components as a replacement for mathematically faulty areas of concrete?
  • Klimasan-F is perfectly suited for passive fire safety in industrial areas, airports, high rise buildings, hospitals, multistory car parks, shopping centres or supermarkets

The completely harmless to health material can even be used in the food industry field

Material Research and Testing Institute (MFPA) Lepzig

MFPA Leipzig (Material Research and Testing Institute) GmbH approves these results. In their testing area the behaviour of Klimasan-F in cases of fire to comprehend graphically by means of curves and diagrams


Klimasan-F is a fire safety plaster with perlite as a light aggregate according to regulation DIN 4102-4 Artcile I This article regulates fire safety suitable insulation plasters from vermiculate or perlite.

The advantage of operating under DIN4102 in contrast to fire safety technical operations under authorisation notes is that one has to control a decision according to whether the notice is valid for the existing case, while the DIN comes to a general statement and therefore shows clearly greater safety for the building owners

In fact, fire safety plaster Klimasan F specially distinguishes itself in ist very high ability to withstand heat.

3 cm Klimasan-F is enough for example so that with a 2 hour fire at 1250 degrees on the other side of the fire safety side (interface), only 96 degrees remain. Three times less than most other insulation materials

Klimasan-F is a fire safety plaster according to DIN4102-4, article

It is suitable for the reinforcement of building componants like celings, walls, rooves, stairwells etc

Klimasan-F is especailly suitable for fire proof cladding as well as panelling steel building componants

The required plaster thicknesses for the cladding make it possible to remain a slim profile where possible

Klimasan-F is suitible for fire safety measures in tunnels

Klimasan- F satisfies the requirements of the RWS, Hydrocarbon, EBA, RABT/ZTV fire curves

According to DIN4102-4 table 2 lacking concrete coverungs can be completed with half a layer thickness of Klimasan-F

In doing so 0.5 cm Klimasan F replaces 1cm concrete. The relatively light weight of Klimasan-F burdens in a small way the static equilibrium of the existing building component

Administrative building City planners Munich, Building owners and planning SWM-Munic around 10.000 msq Klimasan-F

  • Klimasan-F is a fire safety plaster that has been on the market successfully for over 20 years. Ask us for references
  • Klimasan-F is gypsum free!
  • 5mm fire safety plaster is equivalent in fire safety terms to 10mm of normal concrete
  • Klimasan-F is not flammable
  • Klimasan-F is a class A fire safety material
  • Fire test in Linz December 2015

Fire test in Linz in December 2015. Simulation of a socket fire. Fire safety material class A1 (does not burn) Rijkswaterstaat- Fire curve (RWS) Hydrocarbon, EBA, and RABT / ZTV fire curves. Klimasan-Perlit plasters contain no polystyrene and no synthetic resins. No development of flue gas in case of a fire!

Application instrictions Klimasan-F can be applied by hand and also with a suitable plaster machine (open system) as thermal insulation plaster

The application time in around 4 hours. Further instructions are avaliable on the sheet „application instructions”


Rechenwert der Wärmeleitfähigkeit      0,077    W/(mK)                        Brandstoffklasse A 1 Rijkswaterstaat- Tunnelkurve (RWS) Hydrocarbon-, EBA-, RABT / ZTV- Tunnelkurve. Klimasan-Perlit Putze enthalten kein Polystyrol und keine Kunstharze. Test: 1350° C keine Rauchgasentwicklung im Brandfall! Brandversuch in Linz. Simulation eines Sockelbrands.

Trockenrohdichte         300      kg/m3

Druckfestigkeit 1,6 – 3  N/mm2

Biegezugfestigkeit        0,8       N/mm2

Wasserdampfdiffusionswiderstand                   µ=6

Elastizitätsmodul          2000     N/mm2

Baustoffklasse A 1

Wasseraufnahmekoeffizient                  >3kg/m2 h0,5


Sackinhalt        50        Liter

Wasserbedarf   15        Liter

Ergiebigkeit      ca. 35 Liter Frischmörtel je 50 Liter Sack