Klimasan-I the pure mineral thermal insulation for the interior

A recurring problem with interior and exterior walls: dewpoint, damp and moisture barriers. Thanks to perlite these problems are all in the past! Klimasan-I is a highly thermal insulating plaster for interior insulation which bonds perfectly with the wall. It is the perfect alternative for an economic and long-lasting renovation of interior walls. Furthermore, it is toxin free, purely mineral and capillary active. That means Klimasan-Perlit is not just a pure mineral building material, but it also has a very good ability to soak up water. A wall plastered with Klimasan-I can take in 20 litres of water per metre squared and then let it out again! This property of water absorption is extremely important, in order to keep damp walls dry, guard against mould and to ensure a well-balanced climate in the room. At the moment very often damp must be dealt with in the interior and exterior walls of old buildings. Therefore, a wall must be in the position to take in damp and when not saturated also release it again.


Thermal Conductivity 0,077      W/(mK)

Dry density 300            kg/m3

Compressive strength 1,6        1,6 – 3  N/mm2

Bending tensile strength 0,8     N/mm2

Water vapour diffusion resistance         µ=6

Modules of elasticity 2000        N/mm2

Building material class A 1

Water absorption coefficient                 >3kg/m2 h0,5


Sack conains 50           litres

Water requirement       15        litres

Productivity      around 35 litres wet mortar per 50 litre sack